Nestled in the mountains of the Central African nation of Gindra, Galuade is a non-canonical video game blog with a focus on the sights, sounds and feelings of games that we refuse to let be lost to the flow of data.

Regular updates are scheduled for Fridays in a monthly rotation but are subject to the whims of a cold and uncaring universe:

Timed Hits List – 1st Friday
A moment to appreciate a piece/pieces of music from, about, inspired by, or tangentially related to a game. Can range from a breakdown or analysis to a simple re-listen to a tune. May even showcase a song in it’s different incarnations across remakes and arrange albums.

Editorial/News – 2nd Friday
Maybe current events, maybe old events, maybe non-events.

Every Pixel Perfect – 3rd Friday
A visual counterpart to Timed Hits List, Every Pixel Perfect takes a look at a visual element from/of/surrounding a game — whether that be in-game assets, an iconic screenshot, a piece of key-art, a famous advertisement, or a character design.

Review/Retrospective – 4th Friday
Less about “should you buy this game” and more about “what’s up with this cool thing?”

Wild Card – 5th Friday
Who put this day here? Hmm. Sneaky, God.

If you have any questions, comments, corrections, input, ideas, recommendations, or just need a friend to talk to about why Klonoa deserves more love, get a hold of me on Twitter: @victorehunter.


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