Nestled in the mountains of the nation of Gindra, the fortress of Galuade is a non-canonical spin-off remake of a videogame blog with a focus on the sights, sounds and feelings of videogames that we refuse to let be lost to the flow of data.

Regular updates are scheduled for Fridays in a monthly rotation but are subject to the whims of a cold and uncaring universe:

1st Friday – Timed Hits List (THL)
A moment to appreciate a piece/pieces of music from, about, inspired by, or tangentially related to a game. Can range from a breakdown or analysis to a simple re-listen to a tune.

2nd Friday – Editorial/News?
Maybe current events, maybe old events, maybe non-events.

3rd Friday – Every Pixel Perfect (EPP (Yeah you know me))
Take a look at a visual element from/of/surrounding a game — whether that be in-game assets, an iconic screenshot, a piece of key-art, a famous advertisement, or a stage design, etc.

4th Friday – Review/ Retrospective
Let’s look at a videogame and see what’s going on with it. Chances are this isn’t going to be a recent release. Exploring games that are few years old but not old enough to be retro, finding the good in games that are otherwise dismissed.

5th Friday
Who put this day here? Hmm. Sneaky, God.

Lunar Event – The Best Place (TBP)
When something nice happens with the moon I will write about the moon because the moon is the best place. It is perfect and doesn’t care what your aunt thinks about it. It’s the moon.


cropped-headshot2a1.png   VICTOR E HUNTER

Born during a cosmic event when Satellaview waves bounced off the moon and irradiated a human Canadian, Victor is a lover of games and the ways we talk about them. He is a professional actor and thinks more people should play Live-A-Live.

If you have any questions, comments, corrections, input, ideas, recommendations, or just need a friend to talk to about Klonoa, get a hold of Victor on Twitter:@victorehunter.